eNPOS Overview 

Q-eNPOS© is one of the most important cash cows of our product line. It was designed for pizza and delivery restaurants. It helps restaurant managers not only keep track of their inventory, but also it lets managers make better business decisions.

• Streamlines delivery, pick-up, drive-thru, and dining room orders.
• Processes orders quickly and accurately.
• Monitors food and labor costs, and provides the controls you need.
• Provides comprehensive pizza and delivery restaurant management.
• Incorporates suggestive selling prompts and customer database tracking to help boost your business.
• Includes top-quality technical service and support.  

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Q-eNPOS's pizza management wizard

Q-eNPOS Pizza Restaurant Manager Information at your fingertips. System setup, security, customer marketing, detailed reporting, employee scheduling and messaging, and more.
Q-eNPOS Terminal Easy touch-screen order entry, cash management, delivery dispatch, take-out/carry-out orders, and table service.
Q-eNPOS Menu Designer Menu and coupon setup. Supports multiple pricing schemes and tax setups, and customized order-entry screens for different locations.
CallerID system boosts your order taking process. With Caller-ID system you don't have to ask for your customers' phone numbers.
Integrated Map System enables your drivers to find the addresses easily and accurately. It tells you how far the delivery is in terms of both miles and time.

Business Management 
•    Complete real time reports 
•    Sales tracking by items 
•    Report Writer 
•    Capability of having different off-site data management 
•    Integrated backup functions 

Ticket Screen
•    Instant lookup for status of order •    Previous order display •    Menu lookup 

•    Exception reports •    Transaction reports •    Ticket tracking 

Order Entry
•    Graphical user interface •    Send messages to kitchen •    Guest count tracking •    Last order display •    Up to 1/4 pizzas •    Instant menu price lookup •    4 types of order modes •    Two color printing •    Smart Coupons •    Recipe lookup •    Cash, check and charge tenders 

•    Driver close-outs •    3 types of driver reimbursement •    Driver in / out •    Customer fields for specific notes 

Customer Tracking and Management 
•    Tracks customers orders and trends •    Complete mailing lists •    Caller ID integration (optional) •    Mailing lists 

Employee Management 
•    Overtime warning reports •    Employee labor tracking •    Employee sales performance

Enhance Store Efficiency
Q-eNPOS offers all the efficiency-enhancing features you expect from a POS system. Customers and staff are happier because orders are prepared as quickly as possible, each order is tracked to help eliminate missed orders, and the entire restaurant works better.

Enter and Track Orders
Q-eNPOS tracks customers, previous order history, and stores a restaurant's entire product list and menu. Order entry is fast and easy with touch screen support. Orders are easily reviewed to ensure accurate preparation and high service levels.

Print Preparation Tickets
Q-eNPOS prints easy-to-read preparation tickets. Tickets can be printed on a shared receipt printer or on a separate printer on the prep line. Prep tickets can be customized with included report customization software.

Dispatch Delivery Drivers
Every delivery order automatically appears on the Q-eNPOS dispatch screen. Just select an order, select the delivery driver, and touch one button to dispatch the order or orders. Returning delivery drivers log in to indicate their availability for another delivery. Delivery dispatches can be done with a separate workstation or combined with an order entry workstation to allow one computer to perform double duty.

Balance Cash Drawers and Driver Accounts
Every drawer and driver bank is automatically flagged for cash drops and easily balanced at the end of a shift. Cash drawers can be assigned to one staff member or shared among all staff members to permit multiple levels of cash control.

Analyze Marketing Effectiveness
All pizzerias need to advertise and promote their business to become and remain successful. Marketing is expensive, and Q-eNPOS helps analyze which marketing campaigns should be terminated and which campaigns or offers should be continued or expanded.

Encourage Orders
Existing customers are the best source of new orders. Promotions to these customers will always produce more results and those directed to potential customers. Need to test or promote a new menu item? Existing customers are great for that, too.

Reactivate Lost Customers
Loyal repeat customers are the best source of consistent revenue for a pizzeria. When loyal customers stop buying, Q-eNPOS helps to reactivate customers and help managers know where to improve service or food quality.