DinoPos Overview

In the Restaurant Industry, success depends on your ability to consistently deliver exceptional customer service while improving profitability.
DinoPOS Restaurant Management solution from Q-eN Computer Technologies provides the tools you need to increase customer loyalty, effectively control costs, and make the most profitable business decisions. DinoPOS now features new technology, including enhanced software features and reliable Microsoft® Windows NT® based hardware platforms specifially designed for the restaurant environment.

Guide employees through customer order entry and processing via intuitive, easy-to-use menu screens. Eliminate unclear orders, incomplete orders, and math errors. 

QenPOS - Overview - Why to choose QenPOS? - Screenshots
DinoPOS - Overview - Why to choose DinoPOS? - Screenshots

Track cash from the time of sale until it enters the bank. Use on-the-fly reporting to monitor labor as a percent of sales. Perpetually track employees' performance based on their working shifts.

Use DinoPOS's customer database to increase customer loyalty and revenue. Deliver personalized marketing messages to your guests to thank them for their patronage and offer incentives for repeat visits.
CallerID system boosts your order taking process. With Caller-ID system you don't have to ask for your customers' phone numbers.
Integrated Map System enables your drivers to find the addresses easily and accurately. It tells you how far the delivery is in terms of both miles and time 

• Exception reports 
• Transaction reports 
• Ticket tracking 

Employee Management 
• Employee notes 
• Employee labor tracking 
• Employee sales performance 

Customer Tracking & Management 
• Tracks customers orders and trends 
• Complete mailing lists 
• Caller ID integration (optional)
• Flexible label printing

Order Entry
• Graphical user interface 
• Send messages to kitchen 
• Guest count tracking 
• Last order display 
• Instant menu price lookup 
• 4 types of order modes 
• Two color printing 
• Smart Coupons 
• Cash and charge tenders 

Ticket Screen
• Instant lookup for status of order 
• Previous order display 
• Menu lookup 

• Street verification lookup 
• Driver close-outs 
• 3 types of driver reimbursement 
• Driver in / out 
• Customer fields for specific notes 

Business Management 
• Complete real time reports 
• Sales tracking by items 
• Report writer 
• Capability of having different 
• Off-site data management  
• Integrated backup functions