Q-eN CT is operated by highly educated, skilled and talented professionals. Our resources are designed for the best quality of service to our customers. Our goal, and the cornerstone of our company, is to develop intelligent and sophisticated applications that address our clients' needs and wants.To achieve successful outcomes, we provide highly standard customer service through the combined commitment of our knowledge and skills.

Q-eNCT's industry focus and flexible product design enables fast and easy enterprise deployment. We believe our knowledge of our target services industries allows our industry-focused services teams to implement our software with an in-depth understanding of the business needs of the customer, thereby reducing time, effort and expense. In addition, we have an advanced technology consulting group of employees that facilitates the introduction and implementation of new technologies to our customers.

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Q-eNCT provides expert advice on the application of computer technology to client problems. Q-eNCT builds and delivers systems for managing site operations. The unique Q-eNCT approach to site operations provides enterprise visibility and control at the site, field, and headquarters levels. Using Q-eNCT's point-of-sale and back-office technology, retail and hospitality businesses are able to enhance the customer experience and optimize product inventory and labor.

Our products help companies build, optimize, and manage sophisticated database infrastructure that powers a wide variety of enterprise applications. Because our products work at both the database and the application level, we help to ultimately ensure that information is available when and where it is needed to support your